Why SuperEasy

Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) are run successfully by trustees who are willing to do the homework and understand their roles and responsibilities in the process. SuperEasy® believes trustees should have full ownership of their SMSF, which in turn means free choice of service providers such as stock brokers, banks, financial planners and annual administrators.

SuperEasy® offers accounting services relevant to self managed superannuation funds.

To assist our clients in the process of the annual and ongoing compliance management of their SMSFs, SuperEasy® provides access to the expertise of our senior staff who can address all your SMSF compliance questions and point you in the right direction.

When you appoint SuperEasy® for the annual administration:

  • You can keep your existing broking, bank or any other accounts already servicing your fund
  • SuperEasy® does NOT need direct access to any of your accounts
  • You will be able to consult SuperEasy® about SMSF compliance and taxation during the year
  • SuperEasy® will not condition you to open any new account
  • SuperEasy® will not receive any commission from any of your service providers. Our income is generated from your fees.
  • The address of your super fund will remain on the ATO portal as your residential address and not SuperEasy® address, therefore you are always in control of your fund
  • All your other service providers to your fund should have your residential or postal address as the main contact address, this remains your responsibility.

ATO Lodgment Program Certificate

Since 2013 financial year the Australian Taxation Office has changed the way of operating and putting emphasis on measuring efficiency and lodgment programs of accounting practices. The program is important from couple of perspectives: it demonstrates the capability and level of professionalism of the accounting outfits, but also has an impact on the compliance of the self-managed superannuation funds and penalties associated with late lodgments of the tax returns. The ATO benchmark for the lodgments is 85% and above, based on the number of funds on the tax agent list. The lodgment program is based on demonstrated lodgment performance and recognizes the tax agents who have good practice management, by utilizing the electronic lodgment system and doing so consistently on time. SuperEasy® has achieved 99.2% lodgment score for the 2017-2018, 93% lodgment score for the 2016-2017, 2015-2016, 2014-2015 and 2013/14 financial year, while the average for the similar practices is 82.7%. This is an excellent achievement for SuperEasy® but without timely submission of our clients’ documentation, our hard work and discipline would have been lost and the achieved result would have been lower. CLICK HERE to display SuperEasy Lodgement Certificate.

2012 Winner SMSF Administration Provider $250K plus category - Financial Review Smart Investor

Financial Review Smart Investor 2012 October edition brought to its readers a comprehensive article about Self Managed Superannuation Funds (“The Help” page 31). All together 36 SMSF service providers were bench marked but only 11 were featured and presented in three main categories:

  • Best high-balance SMSF Administration Providers
  • Best SMSF Administration Providers - $250,000 plus
  • Best Low-Balance SMSF Administration Providers

The Smart Investor benchmark test and subsequent rating was based on important and relevant SMSF industry benchmarks such as: time in the market, number of SMSF on the books, qualification and expertise of the administration team, spectrum of services offered, including compliance auditing, tax management, pension establishment and technical advice and cost of the services.

SuperEasy® was rated the best service provider in the bracket of “Best SMSF Administration Providers - $250,000 and plus”, with the Smart Investor rating of 82. To put this rating in context it is important to mention that the highest rating given for all three categories was 83, making SuperEasy® number one in its own category, and second best among all the reviewed companies.

How we differ from other service providers:

  • First ever website exclusively dedicated to SMSFs
  • First SMSF provider with published fees for services
  • First SMSF provider with Annual Administration Fee Calculator
  • First SMSF service provider with e-commerce website accepting online payments including BPay
  • First SMSF service provider with online application forms.

SuperEasy® web site is protected by the SSL Certificate (128 Bit). Data exchanged with our clients is encrypted, and can only be read by its intended recipient, keeping it safe, private and confidential.

Annual administration withSuperEasy® is facilitated by our Fixed Fee Quoting Administration Calculator that gives you the exact price for the End of Year (EOY) processing of your SMSF.

Our Annual administration fee includes all the financial statements, tax return, audit and lodgement with the ATO. SuperEasy® specializes in self managed superannuation funds only, therefore our accountants and auditors have unprecedented knowledge and expertise in this specific area of superannuation. When processing the tax return and audit of your fund, our emphasis is on compliance, reliability and your understanding of the process.

SuperEasy® employs senior staff with masters and degree qualifications, all with Tax agent and/or Auditor credentials. We may use third party practitioners and or offshore entity for: hosting of our web site, an offsite data storage system “cloud storage”, data entry, software providers such as Microsoft Office 365, BGL Corporate Solutions. SuperEasy® clients enjoy direct access to their tax agents and their queries or requests for advice are dealt with the same day.

SuperEasy® is fully aware of the fact that the market dictates lowering of prices but we find this proposition unacceptable for our business model, because lowering of prices translates to lowering of standards.

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