Property Depreciation

Claim Depreciation on your SMSF Property and Increase Deductions

All Self Managed Super Fund trustees should be taking advantage of the benefits that come from claiming depreciation on their investment property. As with any other investment property, SMSF trustees who invest in real estate are entitled to a capital works deduction for the wear and tear on a building’s structure and also for the depreciation of all plant and equipment items associated to an income producing property.

80% of property investors are missing out on property depreciation deductions. On average, a BMT Tax Depreciation Schedule will find between $5,000 and $10,000 in depreciation deductions on a standard residential property within the first financial year alone. By claiming depreciation this will greatly reduce the tax liability for the SMSF and adds valuable dollars to the retirement fund.

To find out your likely deductions on a current or proposed property, click on the free BMT Tax Depreciation Calculator.

BMT Tax Depreciation CalculatorBMT Tax Depreciation Calculator

To ensure deductions are maximised, enlisting a Quantity Surveyor to prepare a tax depreciation schedule is a must. SuperEasy® is committed to ensuring clients receive the best possible return on their investment. For this reason, we have formed a relationship with BMT Tax Depreciation, Australia’s leading experts in tax depreciation. Quantity Surveyors are one of a few professions recognised by the Australian Taxation Office with the knowledge necessary to calculate construction costs for depreciation purposes.

If you are not currently taking advantage of property depreciation, contact BMT today to increase your SMSF’s cash flow potential. To request a quote or make an enquiry, please select from the below links:

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If you are interested in learning more about property depreciation and the deductions which are available, you can view a range of educational resources on BMT Tax Depreciation’s website by selecting from the links below:

BMT Web SiteBMT Web Site Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions Educational VideosEducational Videos

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