SMSF Annual Administration $1,595

SuperEasy® offers a Fixed Fee of $1,595 for the Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) Annual Administration. The fee is based on up to 15 different Australian investments in the SMSF and irrespective of the size of the fund* and includes an audit fee of $700. The same price applies irrelevant of the number of members in the fund, with a corporate or non-corporate trustee. The service includes preparation of the accounts, audit (CLICK HERE for the terms of audit), tax return and lodgement with the ATO. If you are not sure about a total number of investments in your SMSF, you can select and pay for the 15 Australian investments our standard fee of $1,595 (GST incl.). If the total number of investments in your fund is more than 15, SuperEasy® will invoice any additional fee when the processing of your SMSF is finished, and the total number of investments can be checked.

When you appoint SuperEasy® for the annual administration:

  • You can keep your existing broking, bank or any other accounts already servicing your fund.
  • SuperEasy® does NOT need direct access to any of your accounts.
  • SuperEasy® will not condition you to open any new account.
  • The address of your super fund will remain on the ATO portal as your residential address and not SuperEasy® address, therefore you are always in control of your fund.
  • All your other service providers to your fund should have your residential or postal address as the main contact address, this remains your responsibility.

Calculate your fixed fee quote prices starting from $1,595
If your DIY super fund exceeds 15 Australian investments as per our fixed quote (CLICK HERE for the definition of investments and fee schedule), you can find out precisely the additional cost, by using our Admin Calculator:

 SMSF Annual Administration Calculator

SMSF Annual Administration includes: Financial Statements (see the list of Statements below), Audit, Tax Return and Lodgement with the ATO:

  • Operating Statement,
  • Statement of Financial Position,
  • Notes to Accounts,
  • Members Statements,
  • Audit Report,
  • Electronic Service Address (ESA),
  • Fund Income Tax and Regulatory Return.

In order to obtain the Fixed Quote for your SMSF Annual Administration, including Audit and Tax Return, each SMSF must meet the following criteria:

  • Complying Investment Strategy,
  • Complying Investments,
  • Complying Trust Deed,
  • Have a Tax File Number (TFN),
  • Have an Australian Business Number (ABN),
  • Personal Tax File numbers of Members are supplied,
  • The actual number of investments in the portfolio agrees with the quoted number of investments.

SuperEasy® bases its fixed fee entirely on the information provided by the client at the time of sign up. If your DIY super fund exceeds the number of 15 Australian investments as per our Fixed Fee (CLICK HERE for the definition of investments and fee schedule). If this happens to be the case, SuperEasy® will invoice any additional fee when the processing of your SMSF is finished, and the total number of investments can be checked.

The fixed fee quote DOES NOT include:

  • Annual PAYG form completion, lodgment or calculations (SMSF must use their own or accountant's address for BAS/IAS/PAYG correspondence from the ATO),
  • Actuarial Certificate (price quoted upon request),
  • Pension setup (price quoted upon request),
  • Supervisory Levy payable to the ATO,
  • Accounting advice related to taxation or superannuation issues (price quoted upon request),
  • Preparation of Rollover documentation (members departing fund or closure of the fund) - $350 (GST incl.),
  • Audit Contravention Report (ACR) additional charge of $350 (GST incl.) - applies to funds where ACR needs to be lodged with the ATO,
  • Audit Management Letter additional charges of $350 (GST incl.) - applies to funds with contravention issues but no Audit Contravention Report lodged,
  • Annual Preparation and Lodgment of Transfer Balance Account Reporting (TBAR) per member with a maximum of four events for a member in one TBAR - $350 (GST incl.).
  • Quarterly Preparation and Lodgment of Transfer Balance Account Reporting (TBAR) per member with a maximum of four events for a member in one TBAR - $220 (GST incl.).

To enable us to prepare your SMSF Audit and Tax return, you have to supply ALL fund's records of transactions and investments for the specific tax year. Preferred data format for documents is PDF and CSV files for the bank and stock broker transactions. The CSV format allows for the electronic input into our software. CSV is a standard format supported by majority share trading organisations and banks.

The list of records and documents required for the processing of the Annual administration of your fund are following:

  • Bank Accounts - Bank statements, term deposits, bank bills, debenture stock statements,
  • Shares - Contract Notes for Purchases/Sales,
  • Brokers' transactions statements,
  • Brokers' cash management account,
  • Dividend statements,
  • Dividend re-investment advice statements,
  • Managed Funds - distribution statements,
  • Copy of executed Trust Deed,
  • Investment Strategy,
  • Documentation relating to any other investment types the fund may have,
  • Any correspondence from the Australian Taxation Office,
  • For SMSFs with a corporate trustee the current ASIC company statement (extract),
  • For SMSFs with borrowing arrangements the current ASIC company statement (extract) for the custodian property trustee,
  • In case this is your first EOY administration with SuperEasy Pty Ltd, and you had a different service provider the previous financial year, copy of the Financial statements and reports for that financial year is required - including the CGT history of all assets (i.e. the acquisition dates and prices) and full member balance components including undeducted amounts,
  • Any other correspondence or Tax Invoices relating to your fund,
  • Notice of Consent to act as Trustee Form,
  • Application for Membership Form,
  • Portfolio Valuation list as at the end of the financial year (issued by your stock broker),
  • Rollover Forms,
  • Expense Form (form supplied by SuperEasy®),
  • Pension PAYG Form (form supplied by SuperEasy®),
  • Employer contributions if applicable (form supplied by SuperEasy®),
  • Personal contributions if applicable (form supplied by SuperEasy®),
  • For pensions - Actuarial Certificates if applicable,
  • Any other correspondence relating to or associated with your fund or its activities.

Once you have completed the application process for the Annual Administration of your SMSF with SuperEasy®, you will receive further instructions.

Alternatively, you can download a form from the list below, by clicking on the form you want to download, or you can request these forms by sending us an email to

Downloadable List of SMSF Annual Administration Application Forms:

Adobe Acrobat Format (PDF)

Ownership of documents Any documents, files, spreadsheets, accounting software files, notes, checklists that we produce to do the financial statements, tax return and audit remain the property of the firm. The financial statements, tax returns and audit documents that we are specifically engaged to prepare, together with any original documents given to us by you remain yours.

* Fees for our services SuperEasy®'s costs are time based and depend on the amount of work required to complete a specific task. That's why, whenever possible, we base our charges on the number of investments. Other factors, which could influence our fees, are the completeness and correctness of the records and documents that you provide. Let us know if your fund has a large number of transactions per investments (over 15 per investment), or does " Day trading". Day trading is a practice of buying and selling financial instruments within the same trading day. Additional fee might apply for day trading of investments. While we will do our best to provide the accurate estimate based on the client’s input at the time of quoting, the final price will depend on the actual work performed and time spent on processing of the fund Please note that all work is carried out by experienced, superannuation specialists in Australia, and is fully covered by the appropriate professional indemnity insurance and meets CPA Quality Assurance Standards APES320 and APES325.

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