Refund Policy

It is SuperEasy Pty Ltd policy, otherwise understood to be "", to provide refund for goods or services purchased, that have not been delivered to the client, upon their Written Request and reduced by the cancellation fee. Once delivery of goods and services is made, SuperEasy® will provide no refund. SuperEasy® will gladly provide an exchange of goods that are faulty or damaged at its expense, or for a faulty service, it will fix any errors or omissions.

Annual Administration, including Audit and Tax return: a: For the cancellation of the fund's Annual Administration, including Audit and Tax return, before the client files are received, SuperEasy® will refund the portion paid for the annual administration reduced by the a) cancellation fee of $200 (GST incl.), b) less $22 (GST incl.) for each question SuperEasy® was asked to answer relating to the SMSF accounting, taxation or and compliance issues. The cancellation fee is charged to cover administration costs including: client correspondence, reissuing a new tax invoice, bank fees, amendment of our records, and postage.

b: If the client cancels Annual Administration, including Audit and Tax return, after they sent to SuperEasy® documents required for the annual administration, SuperEasy® will not provide any refund. SuperEasy® will return free of charge the client file.

Please note: In the event of the cancellation of any SuperEasy service, Trustees of the Fund must request the cancellation in writing, and confirm that they relieve SuperEasy Pty Ltd of any legal obligation relevant to the canceled services.

Ownership of documents: Any documents, files, spreadsheets, accounting software files, notes, checklists that we produce to do the financial statements, tax return and audit remain the property of SuperEasy®. The financial statements, tax returns and audit documents that we are specifically engaged to prepare, together with any original documents given to us by you remain yours.