SuperEasy® offers a Fixed Fee of $1,595 (GST incl.) for the SMSF Annual Administration, includes an audit fee of $700 and is based on the 15 different investments in the fund*. The fixed price is irrespective of the value of the fund and includes preparation of the accounts, audit, tax return and lodgement with the ATO. If your fund exceeds 15 investments as per our fixed quote of $1,595 (CLICK HERE for the definition of investments and fee schedule), you can find out precisely the additional cost, by using our Admin Calculator

 SMSF Annual Administration Calculator

With the purchase of the Annual Administration of the Self Managed Superannuation Fund, SuperEasy® provides all the financial statements, tax return, audit and lodgement with the ATO according to the legislative requirements.

SuperEasy® bases its fixed fee entirely on the information provided by the client at the time of sign up. If your SMSF exceeds the number of 15 Australian investments as per our Fixed Fee (CLICK HERE for the definition of investments and fee schedule). If this happens to be the case, SuperEasy® will invoice any additional fee when the processing of your SMSF is finished, and the total number of investments can be checked.

The fixed fee quote DOES NOT include:

  • Annual PAYG form completion, lodgment or calculations (SMSF must use their own or accountant's address for BAS/IAS/PAYG correspondence from the ATO),
  • Actuarial Certificate (price quoted upon request),
  • Pension setup (price quoted upon request),
  • Supervisory Levy payable to the ATO,
  • Accounting advice related to taxation or superannuation issues (price quoted upon request),
  • Preparation of Rollover documentation (members departing fund or closure of the fund) - $220 (GST incl.),
  • Audit Contravention Report (ACR) additional charge of $350 (GST incl.) - applies to funds where ACR needs to be lodged with the ATO,
  • Audit Management Letter additional charges of $150 (GST incl.) - applies to funds with contravention issues but no Audit Contravention Report lodged,
  • Annual Preparation and Lodgment of Transfer Balance Account Reporting (TBAR) per member with a maximum of four events for a member in one TBAR - $350 (GST incl.).
  • Quarterly Preparation and Lodgment of Transfer Balance Account Reporting (TBAR) per member with a maximum of four events for a member in one TBAR - $220 (GST incl.).

*Fees for our services SuperEasy®'scosts are time based and depend on the amount of work required to complete a specific task. That's why, whenever possible, we base our charges on the number of investments. Other factors, which could influence our fees, are the completeness and correctness of the records and documents that you provide. Let us know if your fund has a large number of transactions per investments, or does " Day trading". Day trading is a practice of buying and selling financial instruments within the same trading day. While we will do our best to provide the accurate estimate based on the client’s input at the time of quoting, the final price will depend on the actual work performed and time spent on processing of the fund. Please note that all work is carried out by experienced, superannuation specialists in Australia, and is fully covered by the appropriate professional indemnity insurance and meets CPA Quality Assurance Standards APES320 and APES325.