SuperEasy SMSF Trust Deed Major Clauses

Listed below are some of the clauses in SuperEasy Trust Deed:

  • Establishment of the Fund
  • Structure and purpose of the Fund
  • Covenants of the Trustee
  • Interpretation including definitions
  • General provisions including rights of members, complaints and disputes, and the security of benefits
  • Membership of the Fund
  • Fund accounts including accounting for specific investment and valuation of the Fund
  • Provision of section 67A and section 67B of the Act for Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements
  • Fund records, audit requirements, disclosure and reporting requirements
  • Appointment, vacancy and removal of the Fund trustees
  • Trustee investment and management powers, including investment strategy
  • Limited liability and indemnity of trustees
  • Trustee remuneration
  • Appointment of actuary, auditor and managers
  • Contributions to the Fund, including when the Fund can accept the contributions
  • Transfers and rollovers
  • Forfeiture of benefits
  • Pension payments, pension accounts, pension payment conditions and commutation of pensions
  • Transfer in-specie
  • Payment of benefits
  • Payment of benefits on death, including Binding Death Benefit Beneficiary Nomination
  • Payment of taxes and levies
  • Participating employers, including termination of employer contributions
  • Amendment of the Trust Deed
  • Winding up the Fund

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