SMSF Setup Documents $345

With the purchase of Setup of the Self Managed Superannuation Fund, SuperEasy® provides all the documentation necessary for the establishment of the complying fund, according to the legislative requirements.

SMSF Establishment includes following documents:

  • Trust Deed - electronic and paper copy (CLICK HERE to see the Trust Deed's major clauses......),
  • Check List - the check list contains all steps involved in establishing a new Self Managed Superannuation Fund,
  • The ATO form "Application for ABN registration for superannuation entities". Please note, once the form is lodged and processed by the ATO, a Tax File Number (TFN) and the Australian Business Number (ABN) and Notice to relevant authority to become a Regulated Superannuation Fund are issued for the fund,
  • The ATO instructions "ABN registration for superannuation entities",
  • Alternatively, the link to the ABR website for filling out the Application to register your fund for ABN and TFN on line,
  • The ATO booklet "Role and responsibilities of trustees",
  • The ATO "SMSF Key Messages for Trustees",
  • The ATO "Trustee Declaration",
  • Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) (this document is supplied on request),
  • Generic Investment Strategy legislative requirements,
  • Binding Death Benefit Beneficiary Nomination Fact Sheet,
  • Sample Binding Death Benefit Beneficiary Nomination Form,
  • Tax Invoice Statement confirming your payment details.

Please note: We don't charge for any of the documents published by the Australian Taxation Office. ATO documents are provided free of charge by the ATO. Fund Establishment with SuperEasy® does not include: registration of ABN and TFN for the fund, rollovers or opening of SMSF related accounts. You should speak to a licensed financial advisor before proceeding with any investment including the suitability of a SMSF!

Before embarking on an SMSF you should also visit the ASIC's MoneySmart website and the ATO website as the ATO regulates SMSFs and provides useful information about the obligations and duties of trustees in managing an SMSF. You need to know that managing your own superannuation is a major commitment that can be expensive and involve significant time and effort. SMSFs are not for everyone. You should consider your personal circumstances carefully before deciding to establish an SMSF.

The Australian Taxation Office also provides free online courses for SMSF trustees:

When you appoint SuperEasy® for the fund establishment SuperEasy® will not condition you to open any account on your behalf nor will receive any commission from any of your service providers. Our income is generated from your fees. This excludes our mortgage broking business.

To find out more about SMSF types or if you are ready to appoint SuperEasy® for your service provider for the SMSF Setup, please click start application button:

    SMSF Setup Application

Alternatively, you can download a form from the list below, by clicking on the form you want to download, or you can request these forms by sending us an email to

Downloadable List of SMSF Setup Application Forms:

Adobe Acrobat Format (PDF)

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