SMSF Commercial Property Investment Loans

There are many reasons why investors buy commercial properties, one of them being operating their businesses from the property. The business owner uses the business cash flow to pay off the investment, while holding it in the SMSF portfolio as a tax beneficial structure.

Commercial SMSF lending is however not a product as broadly available from all lenders as Residential SMSF lending. SMSF lending on the whole, is a fairly new concept and challenge for the majority of lenders, who are still developing the products to be able to service this niche market. The complex legislation protecting the interests of the SMSF (the borrower) and on the other hand, the lender’s risks associated with the lending, impose the need for specialized services and a credit specialist lender. The additional challenge in the equation is the need for the fast borrowing approval and straight forward path to the settlement.

Commercial SMSF lending, being a complex and specialized area, can end up for the borrower being a lengthy and stressful experience, caught in a bank credit department for months. Appointing a mortgage broker specializing in SMSF borrowing and with the knowledge of the SMSF borrowing and lenders with the appropriate array of products, can dramatically reduce the time and effort of all the parties, resulting in a streamlined and efficient process within the minimal time frame.

SuperEasy® has a strong background in SMSF compliance, regulatory reporting and SMSF borrowing. With such a strong expertise, SuperEasy® can service different types of SMSF borrowing's and specifically for the commercial borrowing, can broker a deal that starts with one variable rate from 3.95% with a term of up to 30 years or up to 5 years interest only loan. Comparison rate will depend on terms, conditions, fees, charges and lending criteria on risk grade of borrowers.

Our preferred lenders have a dedicated team of highly experienced and professional credit analysts specialising in Commercial loans. Most importantly, our lenders don't require the Annual Review of the loan, which is a common condition with the majority of lenders in the market. Once approved, the loans run their full legal term, subject only to the borrower’s performance. If you require assistance with securing the SMSF Commercial Investment Property Loan, and need a quick and hassle free turn around, call us on 1300 554 333 to discuss your options.

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   Preliminary Commercial SMSF Loan Assesment Form

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What happens next:

  • Upon the receipt of your Free Preliminary SMSF Loan Assessment Form you will be advised whether your fund is viable for the borrowing scheme
  • You will receive the Credit Guide and if we are able to allocate a suitable lender for your requirement lender’s terms and conditions, including lender's fees
  • If you are successful with the first step you will be asked to supply additional information to enable us to process the assessment. You will also receive our Mandate to Act
  • If you are unsuccessful with the first step we will contact you and explain your options (if any) to satisfy the lending criteria

There are various costs associated with the loan procurement, such as lenders’s fees starting with the application fee, legal fees, valuation fees, settlement and stamp duty fees. Please note that SMSF Commercial loans are for commercial business purposes and are not regulated by the National Credit Code. The fees and charges are explained in our Mandate to Act. Current rates should be used as a guide only and can change without notice. SuperEasy® provides mortgage broking services on the assumption that you have obtained advice of a licenced financial planner in relation to the investing of your SMSF funds in real estate property.

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